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Circles of Four

Program Description
Fran Lavendel

Language: English

Location: Penicuik, Scotland

Website: www.franlavendel.com

Email: franlavendel@btinternet.com

Phone: 44 1968 676461
Fran Lavendel began work with Janet Adler in 1992, discovering the Discipline of Authentic Movement as ‘home’ in embodied being and as an opening to the possibility of direct experience of boundless being—of the all and the nothing. She worked with Janet individually and in groups from that time to the present as the Discipline of Authentic Movement became central to her life.

Other teachers have been significant along the path. Fran’s encounter, in 1984, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and her teaching of Body-Mind Centering® was the beginning of a 5-year experiential study of the physical body. This work led to thoroughly knowing the felt sense of embodiment, affirming that our perceptual, emotional, and spiritual experiences derive directly from our physicality.

Fran has been teaching the Discipline of Authentic Movement to individuals and small groups since 1995 and also offers supervision. For those who live far away, the work, at intervals, is intensive for several days at a time. An annual five-day Discipline of Authentic Movement springtime retreat is held in a lovely tranquil setting in northeast Scotland.

Fran’s practice with individuals, as a somatic and movement psychotherapist, weaves the verbal process together with the Discipline of Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering® and Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Her presence as therapist is always informed by the practice of witnessing. She taught for five years in a university postgraduate training for Dance Movement Psychotherapists.

Her commitment to the Discipline of Authentic Movement infuses all of life, bringing consciousness to the present-moment embodied experience of all relationships. Core to this awareness of relationship, for Fran, is attention to the language we use – to practice, always, the speaking of one’s own experience, as witness, as therapist, as mother.

Fran Lavendel, MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (Hahnemann/Laban, London), is a Registered Member, Private Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor with the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP UK). She is also a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).
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