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Circles of Four

Program Description
Françoise Broillet

Language: French, English and German

Location: Auvernier, Switzerland

Website: www.dansetherapie.ch

Email: francoise.broillet@psychologie.ch

Phone: 0041 32 730 19 54
Françoise Broillet met Janet Adler in 1994 and joined an on-going retreat group with her to study the Discipline of Authentic Movement. She continues her work with Janet and also practices regularly in various leaderless groups.

In Switzerland, Francoise teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement in continuing education programs for school teachers. Since 1999, she has led short retreats for those interested in the body-mind-spirit relationship and teaches professional development programs for Dance Movement Therapists in Paris, offering retreats and 1-day practice to small groups.

Her work is grounded in a continuing interest in the conscious and unconscious processes which, finding a shape and a space, may emerge in the safe relationship between movers and witnesses. In her everyday life, the Discipline of Authentic Movement helps her welcome the mystery of life and death and remain open to transformation and growth.

With body consciousness as the core of her study and research, she integrates the Discipline of Authentic Movement in her therapy work as a gateway to discover personal, collective and transpersonal processes. Francoise’s private practice in the town of Auvernier by Neuchâtel, Switzerland since 1992, welcomes adults experiencing various psychological and sensory challenges or those wishing to develop new channels of knowing through movement and dance. Currently employed as a psychologist for people suffering from mental disorders, she has also worked with visually impaired adults whose specific body awareness taught her a lot about the inner witness.

Francoise Broillet graduated in 1987 from the first program offered at the Laban Centre, London by Hahnemann University/Philadelphia, USA. She holds a Master of Creative Arts Therapy, certified victimhood therapist and certified LI therapist (Lifespan Integration). She is a registered member of the Federation Suisse des Psychologues and of the Association Professionnelle Suisse des Arts-Thérapeutes.

Francoise is the author of « Danse-thérapie et autisme » in Sésame No 91, Bulletin de la Fédération Française Autisme et Psychoses Infantiles - A.S.I.T.P., and « Conscience du corps en danse-thérapie avec des déficients visuels » in Art et Thérapie No 60/61, Sensorialité et Culture: La vue et l’ouïe dans leurs sens multiples.
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