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Circles of Four

Program Description
Heli-Maija Rajaniemi

Language: Finnish, English and Swedish

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

Website: www.authentic-movement.eu

Email: heli-maija.rajaniemi@terapiapaja.info

Phone: +358 50 3404643
Heli-Maija Rajaniemi’s training in Authentic Movement began with Marcia Plevin in 1994. Since 1997 Heli-Maija has been Janet Adler’s student in Europe, California and currently in Canada. For her, the annual retreat on Galiano Island with Janet means studying, supervision, and the practice of deep embodied presence.

She has been teaching the Discipline of Authentic Movement in Finland since 2010 in her private practice and in retreats for individuals and groups. She has also been an assistant to Marcia Plevin in Authentic Movement retreats in Finland (2000-2002). Heli-Maija belongs to a supervisory Authentic Movement peer group that is committed to the evolution of the Discipline of Authentic Movement (1998-present).

Her long-time practice of the discipline has deepened her work as a therapist and as a teacher with special interest in the effects of relationship on the sensory-motor and psychological development of the individual.

Heli-Maija finds the depth, the silent presence, and the development of embodied witness consciousness in the Discipline of Authentic Movement to be natural ways for personal growth. Over the years of work and study, her initial interest in the body and movement has grown into a holistic understanding of human beings, where the body, psyche, and spirit cannot be separated.

Heli-Maija also works as a physiotherapist offering rehabilitation for children and their families. She teaches Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT, Bobath) to therapists who work with neurologically disabled children. Her medical knowledge of the body and its energy has been developed further by studies in reflexology and shindo-method of stretching.

Heli-Maija Rajaniemi received a post graduate diploma in Dance/Movement Therapy at the Eino Roiha Institute, Jyväskylä (2014) and a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä (1983) with additional studies in psychology at the University of Jyväskylä (1988). She has completed trainings in: Psychotherapeutic Relationships at the University of Applied Sciences (2009), NDT, Bobath Therapist and Tutor, European Bobath Tutors Association (2007), and Creative Movement, Garcia-Plevin method, Finland (2001).
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