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Circles of Four

Program Description
Linda Hartley

Language: English

Location: Norfolk, England

Websites: www.lindahartley.co.uk and www.ibmt.co.uk

Email: linda@lindahartley.co.uk 
Linda Hartley was introduced to Authentic Movement in 1980, while studying Body-Mind Centering® with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in Amherst, MA. Since that time, it has been an integral part of her personal practice. She first studied with Janet Adler in 1993, and began to integrate the Discipline of Authentic Movement into her practice and teaching in a more focused way. Linda’s appreciation of the profoundly nurturing, healing and transformative potential of this work has grown over the years, supported by the privilege of witnessing many students and clients. She currently participates in an annual retreat with Janet on Galiano Island in Canada.

Linda has been teaching Authentic Movement since 2000, in London, Cambridge, and Norfolk, UK. Most of her current teaching takes place in a spacious and purpose-built studio near the beautiful coast of North Norfolk. She offers annual retreats, workshops, ongoing circles and individual work. For over four decades, Linda has been engaged in dance and somatic movement studies, Buddhist spiritual practice, and writing. She finds all of these essential aspects of her life embraced within the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

Since 1977 Linda has been teaching extensively in the United Kingdom and Europe. The Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy training program, which she has been developing and teaching since 1990, includes a module in Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence; this gives the somatic movement training a foundation in clear and compassionate witnessing. An ongoing group has evolved from these trainings for those wishing to study and practice the Discipline of Authentic Movement in depth. The IBMT training is currently being offered in the UK, Lithuania and Russia.

Linda Hartley has an MA in Somatic Psychology, is a Senior Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with ADMP-UK, an ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, a Certified Body-Mind Centering® teacher, and holds an Advanced Psychotherapy Diploma with the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology-UK. Her therapeutic approach supports the unfolding of process through the body, and integrates the Discipline of Authentic Movement into each way of working.

Linda is author of Wisdom of the Body Moving: an Introduction to Body-Mind Centering (1995), Servants of the Sacred Dream: Rebirthing the Deep Feminine (2001), and Somatic Psychology: Body, Mind and Meaning (2004), and editor of Contemporary Body Psychotherapy: The Chiron Approach (2009). She has also authored several book chapters and journal articles. Information about her published writings can be found on her personal website.
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