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Circles of Four

Program Description
Paula Sager

Language: English

Location: Providence/Tiverton, RI, USA

Website: www.threestonestudio.org

Email: paulasager@cox.net
Paula Sager, a student of Janet Adler’s since 1994, is deeply committed to the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a field of study. As we embody the mover and witness roles and relationship, we discover a pathway to self-knowing and a deeper understanding of human nature and development.

Paula was introduced to Authentic Movement in 1990 in a group led by Diana Levy. In 1993 she co-founded A Moving Journal, a publication devoted to Authentic Movement and the diverse perspectives, gifts, and questions of its practitioners. For thirteen years she served as an editor and writer for A Moving Journal.

Paula is honored to participate as a Circle of Four teacher, offering individual and group sessions as a primary teacher of the discipline. She also leads individual and group retreats at her studio located in a rural setting near Providence, RI.

In other teaching, Paula brings her experience as a somatic educator, her long time study of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, and her passion for supporting the development of witness consciousness to her work with individuals in a wide range of fields. She is particularly interested in the ways that the mover/witness model of embodied relationship can support the work of teachers and contemplative pedagogy in the field of education.

Paula Sager, BA, MLS, has a degree in Dance from Bennington College, and a graduate degree from the Barfield School at Sunbridge College. She pursued further study through Master’s degree research focused on the development of the inner witness with thesis mentors, Janet Adler and Arthur Zajonc. She studied the Alexander Technique with Eva Karczag and Aileen Crow, becoming certified as an Alexander teacher in 1989. Aileen continues to be an inspiration as a master teacher and Authentic Movement colleague.

Paula’s articles and interviews have appeared in A Moving Journal, Contact Quarterly, and Journal for Authentic Movement and Somatic Inquiry. She presented her research on witness consciousness at the 2010 American Dance Therapy Conference, and is co-author, with Lizbeth Hamlin, of Red Thread, Two Women, (2006) published by Pacific Editions in a limited and handcrafted edition by book artist, Charles Hobson. Her thesis, "Witness Consciousness in the Development of the Individual" can be found on her web site.
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