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Circles of Four

Program Description
Susan Cahill

Language: English

Location: 636 Church St., Suite 712, Evanston, IL. 60201

Email: soozcahill@gmail.com

Phone: 847-920-1556
Susan Cahill first experienced Authentic Movement in workshops with Joan Chodorow, Barbara Cargill, and Tina Stromsted and has been in ongoing peer groups since 1991. For the past eight years she has studied the Discipline of Authentic Movement in depth with Janet Adler in annual retreats and monthly supervision. Susan is currently assisting Janet in her 5-year internship program.

She teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement in individual and group work in bimonthly sessions. She also leads weekend retreats several times a year in Mettawa, IL, surrounded by five acres of nature. She supervises professionals in their private practice and teaching of the Discipline Authentic Movement in person, by telephone, and by Skype.

As a clinical professional counselor licensed in Illinois and Washington State, and a board certified dance movement therapist, Susan maintains a private practice in Evanston, Illinois. Her practice includes couples, adults, adolescents, and residents in retirement communities. She has supervised psychotherapists for over 15 years and has led many workshops at conferences throughout the US. In 1989, Susan produced a video on dance movement therapy that was used to convince Congress to include dance therapy in the Older Americans Act. In addition, she has become an advocate for those with hearing loss in support of improving communication.

Susan Cahill, earned a BA in dance and psychology at Denison University, after which she studied dance and dance therapy at Harvard University. She received post-graduate training at the Family Institute at Northwestern University in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model and has assisted in trainings within that program. She taught in the Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy Program at Columbia College in Chicago. Susan co-chaired the ADTA conference in 1999 and was on the Credentials Committee for 6 years. Prior to that she was President and Vice President of the Illinois Chapter of the ADTA.

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