Irmgard Halstrup

Language: German, English and Swedish

Location: Bargteheide, Germany



Irmgard Halstrup has been studying with Janet Adler since 1995 in retreats – individually and in groups. The Discipline of Authentic Movement offers, for Irmgard, a space that contains the searching and the finding, the fullness and the emptiness, as well as new questions, mysteries, and dimensions.

Irmgard has been offering Authentic Movement groups since 1998, always informed by the teaching of Janet. She teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement in group and individual work, supervision and small individual retreats. The essential aspects of the Discipline of Authentic Movement infuse all her work, as for example speaking only one’s own experience. A particular interest of hers is Authentic Movement of the voice. In 2008 she started studying voice work inspired by Roy Hart, and then mostly with Ulrik Romer Barfod.

Irmgard has been working as a psychotherapist and Dance Movement Therapist since 1986, including 10 years of experience in the training of professional Dance Movement Therapists. Her studies in Process Oriented Psychology, beginning in 1993, include work with Amy and Arnold Mindell and mainly with Carmen Baechler. Nature, too, has always been a teacher to Irmgard – the vastness of certain landscapes, the organic inherent order visible in different ways, the vibration of silence.

Irmgard Halstrup, Psychologist (Dipl.-Psychologin), Psychotherapist (Psychologische Psychotherapeutin), Dance Movement Therapist (Tanz-/Bewegungstherapeutin BTD), Supervisor (Supervisorin BDP), Process Oriented Psychologist (FG POP Zurich), Trauma therapy: Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, NARM Practitioner.

Irmgard’s translation into German of Janet Adler’s book Offering from the Conscious Body: The Discipline of Authentic Movement (2002) is now available (German version 2012). Her article about presence as a quality of Dance Movement Therapists, “Präsenz – ein meta-skill aus und in der Tanztherapie” is published in: Zeitschrift für Tanztherapie, (2008). The experience of presence is also discussed in “Präsenz als Meta-skill?” her thesis for Diploma in Processwork, Zurich, (2003). Article: Halstrup, I. (2015), “To the bones – and through: The Discipline of Authentic Movement and voice work”, Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, 7: 2, pp. 287-298, doi: 10.1386/jdsp.7.2.287_1.