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The Application Process

If you wish to apply to Circles of Four to become a self-directed learner in this program, review content within the Discipline of Authentic Movement and the Circles of Four headings, then follow these three steps:

  • Review the Requirements below which include: submitting an application, writing an autobiographical essay, and arranging for three letters of reference to be written by people with whom you have had or currently have a professional and/or educational relationship.
  • Choose a potential Primary Teacher from the Faculty list in the Circle of Four heading to whom your written application and three letters of reference will be sent in preparation for an interview.
  • Arrange an Interview with the teacher.


Write an autobiographical essay, no longer than three pages, in response to the following requirements:

  • *A master’s level degree or its equivalent in somatic psychotherapy, movement therapy, psychotherapy, analytic psychology, mental health counseling, transpersonal psychology, or mystical studies. Additional studies in trauma therapy, developmental psychology, psychodynamic theory, individual and group dynamics, and sensory-motor development may be required. Name your undergraduate and graduate degrees (1)
  • *In-depth experience as a client in long-term psychodynamic therapy (2)
  • *5 years experience in studio practice of Authentic Movement and/or the Discipline of Authentic Movement
  • *Engagement in questions regarding that which is invisible
  • *A brief history of professional work, current situation in terms of home and health, and family of origin.

There is no application fee. Students will be asked to pay the hourly fee of the teacher who interviews them. The cost of the program will be fees paid to each teacher with whom they work. Completing the above requirements prepares you as an applicant to choose a potential Primary Teacher with whom your application will be reviewed.

(1+2) The requirement of a masters level degree in some form of psychological study as well as the requirement of personal therapy does not mean that the focus of this program will be psychologically based. Though experience in the Discipline of Authentic Movement can be psychologically healing, the teacher is not present as a psychotherapist. However due to the nature of the experiences that arise for both mover and witness, the teacher must have skills and practice in psychotherapeutic work.

Choosing a Primary Teacher

Find a potential Primary Teacher under the heading, Faculty, listed within the Circles of Four heading. You might choose a teacher who lives in the same geographical area as you do, or one with whom you resonate from reading about her or his professional history or questions. Perhaps the photograph of the teacher supports your recognition. You might choose the person who was or is currently your teacher. You may want to connect with one or more teachers, if needed, as part of your search for your Primary Teacher.

Contact the person you choose and make an appointment for an interview. Send this teacher your full application and the three letters of reference before you meet. Be prepared to pay her or his hourly fee.

The Interview Process

The interview process will include movement witnessed by the teacher as well as a detailed review of your personal application. If necessary, suggestions will be given toward strengthening your readiness to commit to the program.

It is possible that you or the teacher will suggest scheduling a few more sessions together in support of more clarity for each of you about the correctness of this first and most central dyad in the learner’s Circle of Four. The teacher will review with you her or his availability, current teaching schedule, and fees. It is possible that though you have met all the requirements to begin the program, either because of your needs or the teacher’s needs, it is agreed between you that working together would not be appropriate. This teacher will then help you find another possible Primary Teacher.

When you and a teacher agree that she or he will be your Primary Teacher, the possibilities for your Supervision Teacher and Retreat Teacher will be discussed and you will begin together to create your Circle of Four.

Once you have confirmed a commitment with a Retreat Teacher and a Supervision Teacher, thus declaring your Circle of Four active, you are prepared to begin your study and practice toward becoming a teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. You as the new learner will send all material reviewed with the Primary Teacher to the Retreat and Supervision Teacher.

Send an announcement of your circle to each teacher with information concerning the architecture of your plans to proceed. Then register your specific circle with the Circles of Four program at   Name each of your three teachers and their roles. State where you live: city, state, country and include a photo if you choose. You will receive a letter of welcome, and your name will be added to the list of learners. If you have any questions about the application process, please email

May your application process be easeful and fulfilling