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Circles of Four Faculty

The Faculty for the Circles of Four International Post-Graduate Program for preparation of teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement commits to participation in a collective body of individuals who, like a vessel, a stone bowl, hold the vibrancy of the multi-faceted relationships among teachers and learners, among teachers, and among learners. Such generativity invites an evolving experience of connectedness within each teacher, within the community of Circles of Four Faculty, and within the larger collectives of embodied awareness practice.

Members of the Faculty of Circles of Four are available to offer practice and study to new learners in the Circles of Four program as Primary, Retreat or Supervision Teachers. Faculty is also available to individuals who are preparing to apply to the program to strengthen their readiness, to people who are not intending to teach the discipline, to people who wish an introduction, or to people who choose to deepen their current practice of the discipline.

The faculty offers thematic retreats focused on a particular area of inquiry or research. These retreats are one way to address gaps in an applicant’s experience to better prepare them for creating their circle of four or to strengthen a learner’s experience of the content being addressed.

The following directory of names of Faculty is listed below within nations, according to their home studio location. Some, who teach in other countries are listed more than once. Open a name, view a photograph, and read a biographical summary. If you need assistance or have questions, you may contact

Former Active Faculty

Linda Hartley ⋅ England ⋅ 
Ida Rose Schaller ⋅Switzerland ⋅
Marianne Bachmann  ⋅ Switzerland ⋅