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Discipline of Authentic Movement Teacher
Circles of Four Faculty

Anke Teigeler

Anke Teigeler

Language: German and English

Location: Wiesbaden / Kassel, Germany



Phone: +49 611 2618059

Anke Teigeler first experienced Authentic Movement during her dance therapy training with Erika Kletti-Ranacher and Debra McCall from 1984 to 1989. She met Janet Adler in Italy in 1993 and has continued to study the Discipline of Authentic Movement with her annually. For the past 13 years, she also meets annually in a peer group of nine European colleagues.

Anke feels very honored to participate in the Circles of Four community as she recognizes the discipline with a sense of coming home. Her main focus is on being a retreat teacher, but she is also available as a primary and a supervision teacher. She offers group work in the Discipline of Authentic Movement in weekend seminars, year-long groups, training programs, and retreats (3-5 days) for ongoing groups. She is also available to give supervision by phone.

Her commitment to the work is clearly grounded in the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a mystical practice and is increasingly moving even deeper in that direction. She loves witnessing and supporting the emergence and development of witness consciousness, collective consciousness and a trust in energetic phenomena as a transformative healing force. In the past few years, Anke concentrates on the integration of an embodied inner witness and of clear silent awareness into daily life.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement has become more and more central to her therapeutic and teaching practice. Anke has been teaching Authentic Movement in dance therapy trainings in Germany since 1996. She also offers the ground form of the discipline to individuals as part of dance therapy and psychotherapy sessions and also as an embodied awareness practice nourishing personal growth and the development of the inner witness.

Anke Teigeler has a Diplom/Master in Pedagogue and a post-graduate degree in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for children and adolescents. She is authorized by the German Association for Dancetherapy (BTD) as a Trainer, Supervisor and Training Therapist in Dance Therapy. She is a Laban/Bartenieff Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) and a Jazz-Moderndance Teacher. Anke is the author of “Authentische Bewegung & die spirituelle Dimension in der Tanztherapie,” published in the congress journal Tanz und Therapie im Wandel, Düsseldorf, 2010.