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Discipline of Authentic Movement Teacher
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Hannah Folberth-Reinprecht

Hannah Folberth-Reinprecht, Austria

Language: German, English, Spanish, French

Location: Vienna, Austria

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phone number 004369918863342

Hannah Folberth-Reinprecht was introduced to Authentic Movement in her Dance Therapy Training with Cary Rick (1988 – 1992). Hannah’s work with Janet Adler in Italy from 1993 until 1995 had an immediate and lasting impact on Hannah, creating in her a connection to the deep essence of life and nature. She immediately integrated the way of Janet’s teaching into her work from Dance Therapy to give more weight and impact to Authentic Movement. 

She entered Circles of Four in 2014 with Irmgard Halstrrup, Fran Lavendel, and Cornelia Schmitz and completed the program in 2020 as a Teacher of the Discipline and in 2023 as a Faculty Member. Because of the simplicity of the form of this work, Hannah is aware of the danger of diluting its essence. She is careful to preserve the richness and authenticity of the way of Janet’s teaching.

Hannah qualified as a psychotherapist in Austria in 1992 and worked as a dance therapist in two psychosomatic clinics. As an independent psychotherapist, she teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement in introductory seminars, individual sessions, and groups in her studios in Vienna and Graz and offers training for psychotherapists and dance therapists at home and abroad. She holds small-group retreats four times a year in places where Nature’s presence facilitates learning. Drawing on her Eastern European roots, Hannah also teaches Circle Dances, rooted in matriarchal societies and Roman cultures.

Hannah focuses on the possibility of connection to our instinctual nature through our felt body senses and on opening to the wide space of the unknown. In her work with trauma therapy, she integrates the use of body-based tools with awareness practice. Hannah’s curiosity and research center on the intersection between the Discipline of Authentic Movement and neuroscientific knowledge. She is especially interested in the diverse methods that have arisen in the last few years, which integrate the nervous system and knowledge of body memories. 

HannahFolberth-Reinprecht has trained in Somatic Experiencing with Raja Selvam and Itta Wiedenmann and holds a diploma in Systemic Therapy and bond-based body therapy (Thomas Harms), psycho-imaginative psychotherapy (Luise Reddemann), and Brainspotting (David Grand), and is a practitioner of NARM (Neuroaffective Relational Module).