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Circles of Four Graduate

Uta Büchler

Uta Büchler, Germany

Language: German, English

Location: Bonn, Germany


Email address:

Phone number: +49 152 01730309

Uta Büchler discovered Authentic Movement as a home for her body and soul in 1991. She has practiced it passionately ever since and began teaching in 1995, after completing the one-year training at the Authentic Movement Institute with Neala Haze, Tina Stromstead, and Janet Adler. Uta has assisted Anke Teigeler in a 3-year Discipline of Authentic Movement training and has translated literature by Janet Adler and Paula Sager into German.

Uta offers the discipline in classes, one-on-one sessions, year-long groups, and weekend seminars, as well as 3 to 5 day retreats in collaboration with teachers of other therapeutic and spiritual modalities. The discipline also deeply influences her therapeutic practice and her Body-Mind Centering and other movement seminars.

Uta Büchler is a certified Body-Psychotherapist in private practice, practitioner of the trauma releasing method Somatic Experiencing® (SE) and NARM, Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, dancer, and Occupational Therapist. Other influences of her work are a deep immersion in non-violent communication and many years of meditation. She also loves Contact Improvisation and Argentine Tango.

Uta supports people in deepening an honest and compassionate relationship with themselves and an open, curious, and trusting attitude toward life.