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Graduates of the Circles of Four Program

The teachers below have completed the Circles of Four program and received their blessing. Each one has worked in depth with their Primary Teacher, first alone and then with one or two other learners, focusing on the development of individual embodied consciousness within relationship with self and other. Teachers have participated in long-term, committed group retreats with their respective Retreat Teacher, developing their experience of personal membership in a collective body becoming conscious, as well as coming into a clearer relationship with energetic phenomenon as directly experienced in mystical practice. To strengthen their teaching practice, they have worked extensively with their Supervision Teacher and assisted members of the Circles of Four Faculty. They have consistently participated in monthly written correspondence within their specific circle of four. Some have extended their writing practice in offering translations of basic texts. Some have worked in thematic retreats and others have committed to in-depth practice with peers.

These teachers are now available to offer practice and study in the Discipline of Authentic Movement as they move more rigorously into their own teaching practice with full support from Circles of Four. Each one is invited to an annual retreat for teachers who have completed the Circles of Four program. Teachers may also invite faculty members to be guests in their teaching practices.

Teachers who have completed Circles of Four create a growing and changing registry, listed below by nations, according to home studio location. Open a name, view a photograph, and read a short biography. For assistance, please contact: