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Circles of Four Graduate

Csilla Przibislawsky

Languages: English, French, and Hungarian
Country: Canada
Phone: +1 204 290-0176

Csilla Przibislawsky began as a student in Authentic Movement in 1998. She attended yearly retreats with Janet Adler beginning in 2006 which evolved into a 5 year internship with her in the Discipline of Authentic Movement from 2013-2018. Csilla is now a graduate of The Circles of Four Program and offers the Discipline of Authentic Movement to individuals and small groups in her private practice both in person and by Zoom.

Csilla is a registered drama therapist and psychotherapist working in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Her relationship with the Discipline of Authentic Movement has profoundly influenced her work as a psychotherapist and supervisor of other therapists. She is the clinical manager at The Aulneau Renewal Centre, providing supervision to therapists at the centre as well as providing trainings in assessment and interventions in Attachment and trauma. Csilla provides psychotherapy and drama therapy at Aulneau Renewal Centre as well as in private practice.

Csilla sees the connecting thread between all areas of her work as exploring the desire or longing for connection with one’s self, loved ones, community, and beyond. The desire to see clearly and to be seen, clearly. To cultivate intuitive knowing and develop clear and compassionate Witness Consciousness to oneself and others. To be as one is, and to know acceptance.