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Circles of Four Graduate

Ann Stevenson

Ann Stevenson, USA

Language: English

Location: Missoula, Montana

Web site:

Email address:

Phone number: 406-241-1960

Ann Stevenson began her exploration of the Discipline of Authentic Movement in 2008 with a colleague. In 2010, she began annual group retreats with Janet Adler. She participated for 5 years in the Internship Program of the Discipline of Authentic Movement with annual retreats on Galiano Island with Janet (2013-2017) and completed the Circles of Four program in 2019. The relational, embodied, and mystical aspects of the Discipline of Authentic Movement inform Ann’s orientation as a psychotherapist.

Ann offers the Discipline of Authentic Movement to individuals and small groups on an ongoing basis and in retreat settings. She supports people in making deeper connections with self, community, and nature. 

Ann is a licensed professional counselor in a private group psychotherapy practice in Missoula, Montana. She holds a master’s degree with an emphasis in somatic-informed modalities from Prescott College. She has training in Circle of Security, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Reiki. Other influences are Ann’s years of practice in meditation and Argentine Tango.