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The Discipline of Authentic Movement is a non-sectarian practice that welcomes students from any background, ability, orientation, or tradition. People practice the discipline in many ways: in individual sessions, in ongoing groups, and in retreats. Circles of Four faculty and graduates teach in many countries and in many languages.  Teachers may work only in person or in person and virtually. 

To find a teacher who is right for you, click on any name from the list below and read the biography. 
To get more of an idea of what the practice involves, watch this video of Janet Adler.


Hannah Folberth-Reinprecht 

German, Spanish, French, English

Susanne Hofler-Resch

German, English

Isabella Gross

German, English


Soraya Jorge

Portuguese, English


Heli-Maija Rajaniemi 

Finnish, Swedish, English


Mandoline Whittlesey 

French, English


Anke Teigeler

German, English

Cornelia Schmitz

German, English

Irmgard Halstrup

German, Swedish, English

Uta Buchler

German, English


Marcia Plevin

Italian, English

Rosa Maria Govoni

Italian, English


Ania Kowalska-Catalano

Polish, Italian, English


Anna Garafeeva

Russian, English

Nina Kungurova

Russian, English


Betina Waissman

Spanish, Portuguese, English


Almut Hepper Kirchhofer 

German, English

Françoise Broillet

French, German, English

The Netherlands

Céline Gimbrère

Dutch, French, English

United Kingdom

Fran Lavendel


Jane Bacon


Jane Okondo 


United States

Ann Stevenson 

English; Montana

Bonnie Morrissey 

English; Vermont

Diana Levy 

English; New York

Eleni Levidi

Greek, English; Colorado

Forest Emily Franken

English; Washington 

Hillary Funk Welzenbach

English; Montana

Jeanne Castle

English; Washington

Jillian Froebe

English; Washington

Joan Webb

English; Massachusetts 

Julia Gombos 

English; California

Lisa Tsetse

English; New York

Moriah Moser 

English; Maine

Paula Sager 

English; Rhode Island

Susan Cahill

English; Illinois